Ocean Feelings

Hello People!

Today’s post is all about the season that decided to finally show up… yeah, I’m talking smack about summer. It’s the second week of June and it’s finally not snowing and/or cold! The warmer weather brings new found energy, fun, and heat…lot’s of heat. As much as I’d love to enjoy the tranquility of some remote resort, I’m afraid my delicate skin wouldn’t allow it. Not only would I be a lobster, my Eczema would go into a frenzy. Trust me, no one wants to see that. It’s okay though. I’ve accepted that “fun in the sun” isn’t for me so I’ll have to create my own fun.


Inspired by the mingling of colors they ocean creates with it’s mix of gently waves and sun beams, I decided to make a blanket using a ripple of greens, teals, and grays in the form of the “Shell Stitch”. You can google this to find tutorials so you can make your very own! This pattern is my own and incredibly simple. Anyone who has been in the game for a bit can spot what I’ve done here. If this piece does inspire you, please show me your makes! I’d love to see them. All I ask in return is for you to use you own photos and drop my name if you post on your social media pages. Thank you! ;D

I hope to have this beach babe in my Etsy shop soon so stay tuned for an update! Here’s the link below.


As always, have a great day my lovelies!


New Obsession

Hello People!

Today, I’m showing you my new obsession! For the month or so, I’ve been revisiting the “Square” and what can I say, down the rabbit hole we go…

Ponchos are certainly coming back and for good reason! Not only are they adorable, but also practical. I don’t know about you all, but here in Colorado, Spring/Summer didn’t happen until the second week of June. Weird, right? I decided to string together a poncho using spring colors in hopes of provoking warmer weather.


It came out beautifully! I was incredibly proud of myself and my husband really liked it as well. So much so, he approached a local shop to see if they would like to feature some of my makes! Afterwards, I met the owner Leslie to set up an interview. The poncho showed great promise, as she requested I bring it in to place in the shop. Isn’t that exciting?! If you’re in the Colorado area and would like to check it out the shop, here’s the link to their website.


Needless to say, the poncho is currently displayed in the front window of the shop. A few weeks later, my husband was strolling by and asked Leslie how the poncho was doing… Apparently, it was almost purchased with a couple of days being placed on display! This reaffirmed my hunch that ponchos are coming back full circle and I’m certain they will be a staple this fall/winter season. You can check my poncho on Etsy! Link below.


Alrighty, back to where we left off. The little antidote above does serve a purpose… the poncho was made by sewing squares together. See where this is going? Not only do I love the design, (Moons and stars, obviously.), the colors I’ve chosen marry together perfectly. I have the romantic notion of some fantastic magician or astrologist wandering the vast landscape in search of ingredients, wonders, and magical realms. The glow of the golden celestial bodies floating in the amethyst waves, framed inside a darkening sky! I may just have to make one for myself this year! ;P


I started with the star square. I had envisioned exactly this, but couldn’t bring it to life. After lot’s of trial and error, I decided to travel to the world of Pinterest in search of a bit of inspiration. I stumbled upon this wonderful little pattern by Chris Simon. It was linked to a Ravelry thread, there I downloaded the pattern for free. The pattern was easy to work and came out lovely! I followed the pattern precisely, other than adding a few border rounds and the timing of color changes. Below, is the list of places you can find this pattern and many more!




From there, I made my moon square and it’s adorable! I can’t wait to make more and sew them into a poncho with fringe…lot’s of FRINGE. 😀 Stay tuned for updates! Have a lovely day!




Sunshine in a Bag

Hello People!

The sun has risen again…a new day, a fresh start, a beginning! There’s no comparison to the delight a warm, sunny day brings. The closet thing I could imagine, would be the sunflower. It’s bright and radiant petals glowing around an earthy pillow, with vine-y green stems soaring towards the sky… Miniature suns on the horizon, producing a smile upon the face of a passerby. The warmth these beautiful floral fantasies bring is hard to ignore.


This inspired a festival bag I made a couple of months ago. It’s name, The Livi Boho Bag. I decided to name it after my sister, especially since she has an infatuation with sunflowers. It only seemed appropriate. The stunning golden petals accented with earthy tones and contrasted with a vintage white and a bit of gold glitter synchronized in perfect harmony. This is one of my favorite pieces!

The Livi Boho bag is lined with a glitter gold and white fabric, making it perfect for all your little bits and pieces. Please check it out on my Etsy site…there you will find more pictures and a product description. The link is below!


As always, have a great day my lovelies!

1st Pattern Now Ready For Purchase!

I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been an interesting journey. Battling to resize pictures, correcting spelling and adding the finishing touches to this pattern has definitely took its toll on me, but it has also been a positive experience. I now know that I am more capable today than yesterday, new horizons have been seen!

So you are probably wondering when I’ll be “getting on with it”…shortly, my loves, shortly.

This pattern is one of my favorite ideas that I’ve brought to life. For those looking for new ideas and patterns to sell, this one will definitely be worth while.

Before making this pattern, I scoured the internet for any resemblance to the idea in my head, to no avail. I decided to try it out for myself just using my hand measurements (comparing to the average measurement lists on the internet) and the tools I had on hand. After many hours and unraveling yarn over and over again, I finally made the image in my brain, “fo real”.

Pink PUffy Gloves-Edited and Watermarked

To test to see if my idea was worth the time and effort that I had put into it, I decided to make up a few pairs for the craft show coming up. At the show, I wasn’t expecting to sell the pairs I had on hand. A lot of the customers loved the soft and insulated feeling the “bobbles” provided. I watched as they tried them on with joyful grins, adoring their new found accessory. I ended up selling out so that night, after a long day, I made up a few more pairs. Although, I didn’t sell out the next day, I did manage to sell all but one pair. Needless to say, this pattern is “in”. Now mind you, it is now spring time and the weather can be a bit hit or miss. One day it’ll be sunny and warm, the next day it can be cold and rainy… you really never know. I expect sales to be a little slow, considering gloves are more of a fall/winter combo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on this competition. Let’s face it, in the craft world, there are a lot of crochet and knit fiends out there (I should know), so you have to try to be out in front of trends and the creation of new ideas. Sometimes that involves buying patterns. Patterns are relatively cheap in the scheme of things, you pay a one-time fee and BOOM there you go, pattern for life.

There is an educate about purchasing a pattern though. It’s not nice to buy a pattern and then try to sell it as your own, nor is it okay to use another one’s photos. If you do use someone’s pattern, purchased or not, do remember to give them credit. They put a lot of time and effort into making the rest of crocheting lives easier.

Okay, okay! Here we go. Here’s my pattern. Below, I’ve included the link to my Etsy shop where my pattern is available for purchase. I know, I know, it isn’t free…however, what you are paying for is my time and the ability to use it. If you sold what you make at the average price, you’ll make twice as much as you bought the pattern for. Plus, you’ll be helping me out. That’s not to say that their won’t be future patterns for free, just not this particular one.



Now if you are not really a crocheter but love crochet items, I’ve left a link as well to my Etsy shop so you can purchase a pair, handmade by yours truly.



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Woodland: Faerie Collection

Here it is! The second installment of the Faerie Collection Series!

Faerie #2-Woodland (Edit & WaterMarked)

The Guardian watches all…protector of the forest and all of its hidden treasures. Always hidden in plain sight and watching all who enter his domain, making sure no harm comes to his beloved. This statue of leaves and earth forever roams the sacred lands of his birth…always there but rarely witnessed.

I’m in love with all of the turquoise and greens I used in this painting! Let me know what you guys think! Also, prints are now available in my Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing.

Birthday Promotional!

The Nightly Needle




Well, it’s that time of year again. Another year older and another year wiser, I hope. This year, so far, my shop has being quite well. I’ve done better than I originally anticipated and would like to share this goodwill with you all, so I’ve decided to do a promotion!


ANY PURCHASE, and I mean any purchase (no matter how big or small) will qualify you guys for a FREE 3-piece Spa Set, valued at $9.99.

Starts: April 2nd and Ends: April 8th

With my birthday approaching, I’ve been reflecting on my life this past year. A lot has happened, both good and not so good, but I wouldn’t change it. I’ve had a lot of good fortune and feel sharing it with others is only right. Thank you all for supporting my growing business!

First Painting of New Series!

Origins: Faerie Collection

This is the first painting of the series. It will be followed by (4) other works pertaining to the mystical beings know as “Fairies” or “Faeries” depending on preference. Personally, I prefer the second version just for the aesthetic.

Anyways, the original won’t be for sale but I am offering a variety of prints in my Etsy shop. The direct listing link is below.


Origins Edit (2)

“Deep in the forest…deep in our past, there awaits a world of beauty. In this world, resides creatures of many forms, some incomprehensible to our minds. Ancient magic and wonder long lost in the modern day. Now, having been briefly captured in my imagination, a dark beauty adorned in cool colored flowers and face as pale as fresh fallen snow. Smoldering eyes of dying embers beckons questions to such long lost answers. Where did she come from? When? What else have I forgotten and not yet know?” -Nacht

Stay tuned for more updates and the arrival of the other paintings in this series.